Welcome to my blog. The main purpose for starting this blog is to talk about my son, Collin James, who was stillborn on July 1st, 2010. I know it can be an uncomfortable subject for some people, so those people who know me and want to know what happened, or whats going on with me, they can come here. Everyday is a different battle for me it seems, and writing helps. thank you for reading, and don't be afraid to comment if you are here!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

I haven't been able to post at all lately due to computer issues, but I wanted to repost this from facebook. It brought me to tears in the middle of a shopping trip with my sister. I have a bad habit of checking facebook from my phone... something I need to stop doing because I never know when something I read online will make me upset or bring back memories.
Your little boy cries too much. my little boy makes no sound. your little boy sleeps warm in his crib, my little boy lies cold in his urn. your little boy woke up today, my little boy never will. your little boy laughs and plays, my little boy lays still. your little boy makes you proud,just as proud as mine, cuz while your little boy learns to walk, my little boy can fly ♥

I hope to be able to post more soon. If you're reading this... thank you as always for reading! :)